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Townhouse For Sale In Qormi
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Price : €395,000
Townhouse For Sale In Hamrun
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Price : €281,220
Townhouse for Sale in Msida
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Price : €433,200
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Townhouses in Malta are generally small, having not more than two bedrooms. A townhouse with extra rooms is therefore extra special.
Wooden apertures in good and original condition are a bonus – the front door complete with brass knocker; the original ‘persjani’ alias louvred windows; the traditional wooden balcony. Wooden balconies were typically painted, cream, green, white, red or light blue, all colours which complement the natural limestone facade.

– Indoors, look for original floor tiles, handmade, colourful, intact and ornamental. The true Maltese townhouse usually boasted a different design and pattern of floor tile in each individual room. Today these original tiles can be reproduced at quite elevated prices,IMG 3633 300x225 The Maltese Townhouse – Typical characteristics to raise its value but of course nothing beats the original.
The cherry on the cake would be the inclusion of a spiral staircase somewhere on the rear part of the house, perhaps leading up to the

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