Inventory report of residential properties for sale across Malta and Gozo


The scope of this report is to give home buyers and sellers an indication of the areas where residential properties are available and comparing one to another. It does not seek to be accurate to any specific degree. Throughout this report percentages have been rounded off and it is possible if not likely that the percentages quoted do not exactly amount to 100%.  This report was compiled as at the end of October 2013.

This report has been compiled using five regions as follows Gozo, North, South, Central and East. A map showing how we separated these regions may be viewed here.

The region with most properties currently for sale is Central with 30% of the entire stock. Next in line is  the East with 22% inventory share closely followed by the South at 20%.  The last two regions of North and Gozo offer 13% and 14% respectively of properties for sale.

In the next section of this Inventory report we will drill deeper into these property stocks by looking the different types of properties currently for sale.

More than half of the properties for sale in Malta and Gozo are Apartments.  In fact at the end of October nearly 55% of for sale stocks were Apartments with Penthouses claiming a further 10%.  Maisonettes account for 12% of inventory whilst the remaining 18% is split as follows.  12% for a combination of Houses of Character (HOC), Townhouses, Farmhouses and Palazzos and 3% a piece for Terraced Houses and Villas & Bungalows.

28% of the Apartments for sale are located in the East followed closely by the Central and South areas standing at 22% and 21% respectively whilst North and Gozo trail at 15% and 14%.

The ratio for Penthouse inventory follows that of apartments very closely with the slight difference of the Central and East being practically equal.

When it comes to Maisonettes the bulk of the inventory is located in the Central areas with 34% of the current stocks.  The South follows with 26% of the Maisonettes for sale on the islands.  The remaining inventory is spread as follows, East with 16%, North 13% and Gozo 12%.

Terraced Houses for sale are primarily located in the South with stocks amounting to 30% of the entire Terraced House inventory.  Next in line is the Central areas with 23% and Gozo following closely at 21%. East offers 17% of the inventory and North a meager 8%.

The majority of Townhouses available for sale are to be found in the Central areas where we find 31% of the inventory followed by the South at 28%.  East accounts for 22% with Gozo and North trailing at 10% and 8% respectively.

Gozo leads the way for HOCs & Farmhouses with a stock that accounts for 36% of the current Character homes inventory closely followed by Central at 31%. The South hosts 19% of these homes for sale whilst North and East offer only 9% and 5% of the respective inventory.

Villas and Bungalows for sale are mostly found in the East areas with 32% of inventory but Central and North follow closely with 27% each. South and Gozo lag far behind with 9% and 5% respectively.

This report was compiled by RE/MAX Central Malta explicitly for and may be published or quoted strictly with the concent of RE/MAX Central Malta.

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